Tacoma Gains New Housing

Exciting News! Tacoma New Housing is coming

We have some exciting news to report, new housing is coming to Tacoma, WA. Read on to find out more.

It’s time for some good news!

SeattleMet magazine and website came out with some eye-bulging statistics today.

  • Auburn’s median home sale in April was over $600,000.
  • Benson Hill in Renton’s median home sale in April was $725,000.
  • Lakewood’s median home sales in April were $550,000.
  • Tacoma’s median home sales were $507,000.

An Interview with Marie Pettie

We sat down with Marie Pettie, the Regional Property Manager for Safe Harbor Property Management, to learn about new ventures.

Marie shared, “We are excited to announce that we have a few new apartment communities coming to market in the near future! While a few are still in the negotiation stage, we have just broken ground on ‘Puget Sound 20.’ A new 20-unit community located in the heart of the Tacoma Mall neighborhood.”

This new apartment village should be ready to rent in October or November of 2022.

Located on Puget Sound Avenue near Tacoma mall, undoubtedly this is a prime location for easy access to the bus system. Each unit will have contemporary finishes like stainless steel appliances. Additionally, some units in this new housing community will be categorized as ‘affordable’ with lower rents for those who qualify.

“Pierce County is working very hard to make walkable, denser neighborhoods. The lack of available homes is driving rents higher and higher. Additionally, they are even incentivizing developers to set aside a few units per project to be deemed ‘affordable’ and available for those people with lower income levels. Certainly, this plan by the county is a step in the right direction.”

How to Get in Touch

In conclusion, Marie added, “We are excited to announce and manage this new apartment community that will embody the new, walkable lifestyle people desire.”  Safe Harbor Property Management has decades of experience helping rental property owners maximize their portfolio. If you would like them to partner with you, give them a call or send them an email. Marie or someone from her staff would love to hear about your ventures.