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Meet Marie Pettie - Founder of Safe Harbor Property Management

When you walk into Marie Pettie’s office at Safe Harbor Property Management, you’ll see her ‘contract with herself.’ 

“I am a Connected, Powerful, Joyful leader.” 

Every day, she renews that contract to refocus herself on building her business and the lives of those around her. Since she founded Safe Harbor Property Management in 2010, and they are now growing as a company that specializes in Real Estate Development. 

She must be doing something right…

Marie was born and raised in Los Angeles and Real Estate Management was nowhere on her career radar.

 “I answered an ad looking for a receptionist at a Real Estate Management company. Over time, I enjoyed working with the Property Managers and decided that is what I wanted to do…I wanted to be on-site.” 

This started a major pattern for Marie: She sees what she wants, gets the education and becomes successful. 

Pettie took her first property management course and was quickly assigned to a class “C” apartment building with the assignment to get this property up to a class “A” facility. In a short period of time, that Marie refers to as a ‘trial by fire,’ the complex became a class “A” property and was sold by the owner for a nice profit. Marie had found her life path. 

After that came a 90-unit complex in a tough part of Tacoma. The owner gave her the same assignment and Marie brought about the same result. The property improved, was sold and Marie was given another project. 

When her next complex required her to become an Accredited Residential Manager, she went to school, received the certification and transformed another property. 

When her next assignment required her to get a Real Estate license, she went to school and was successful running the property and selling Real Estate. 

Are you noticing a pattern? 

 “Then 2008 hit” Marie says with a telling laugh.

The crash of 2008 was as tough on the Real Estate world as any other industry. Marie found herself needing to make another change. 

When she was hired by a firm with a property management department, she was told she would have to become a designated broker. 

You guessed it…Marie went back to school to become a Designated Real Estate Broker. 

Shortly after that, in 2010, she started Safe Harbor Property Management. The name comes from the concept of the ‘safe harbor.’ 

“The ‘safe harbor’ concept lies at the heart of everything we do. Essentially, the safe harbor means that we will do ‘no harm’ in all our endeavors with the people we work with. Renters, owners and vendors know that when they are working with us, we will always seek the best outcome for all of us. ‘Win-Win’ is not just a cliché with us…that goal drives everything we do.” 

Currently, Marie sits on the board of The Tacoma Housing Authority (THA). THA provides high quality, stable and affordable housing to people in need. Marie is also a believer and supporter of Section 8 Housing. 

“Section 8 gives the owners a constant stream of income as well as helps people escape and stay out of homelessness. This is why I am so committed to this program.”

Every day, Marie renews her contract to be a “Connected, Strong, Joyful Leader.” Safe Harbor Property Management and the entire region are all better because of her commitment. 

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