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Safe Harbor Property Development is a South Sound real estate investment company with local ties, built on integrity, that works with property developers, multi-family home builders, and real estate investors.

We assist investors in land acquisition, financing, development, design, and asset management of apartments, multifamily housing, mixed-use, and other development. Safe Harbor Property Development facilitates the process for investors who are ready to build in a booming rental market—in Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup, Pierce County, South King County, and the entire South Sound.

Safe Harbor Property Development has both a passion for real estate and vital depth of experience in corporate property investing. Also, we are a family-owned company with deep ties to the community. This means Safe Harbor Property Development clients get extraordinary asset management along with attention to detail and integrity.

Our background

Founder Marie Pettie has worked in property development and management since 1993. She began her career in the corporate world, with a company traded on Wall Street. There in the context of fast-paced, big money, high rate of return, mega projects, and tight deadlines, Marie developed the skills to handle property deals the right way.

Building on those tools, Marie spent years gaining education, getting certified, and directly managing large, multifamily housing here in the Northwest. Her business skillset combined with real-world experience in property management strengthened both. Since 2010, Marie has steadily built Safe Harbor’s property management sector to be a robust, well-known, trusted housing player recognized regionally. Years of relationships have resulted in strong community ties.

What we can do for you when you’re looking to invest in multifamily housing?

* Over a decade of robust real estate experience is a competitive advantage. Our expertise means we can identify and close deals on hard-to-find listed property, land suitable for teardowns, and suitable raw land for apartment and multi-family home projects.
* Having a broker as a partner with decades of experience provides you with due diligence, assistance with construction, and zoning familiarity. You’ll have someone in your corner. And a knowledgeable team to expedite every stage of the development.
* Safe Harbor’s staff are experts in the practical requirements of apartments and multifamily housing. This helps property investors avoid mistakes, liability, delays, permit issues, and roadblocks—surprises that can affect the bottom line.
* For wholesalers, we understand fast timeframes. We can help you buy, build, turn, flip, sell, and manage these assets. Quickly.
* Safe Harbor Property Development can team with your CPA, accountant, and financial staff to work out funding and find referrals to trusted third-party financing.
* Being local ensures results. We know local incentives, city tax abatement programs, affordable housing rules, the best places to build, permitting requirements, and housing authority regulations. We can assist investors through complex processes. Delays cost time and money. Because we know these municipalities, this market, and these neighborhoods, we can streamline the development stages.

What’s the property development market like in this region?

Kidder Mathews’ report on the Puget Sound multifamily market states that the region’s fundamentals remain strong. Tacoma, Puyallup, Lakewood, Pierce County, and South King County have some of the Northwest’s strongest occupancy percentages. Rising rental rates, continued low vacancy, a strong state economy, and long-term investor demand are positive indicators. South King County (Federal Way, Auburn, Kent) has flourished in the shadow of Seattle’s hot growth. (The area has not seen a negative average rent drop since around 2008.)

In addition, Tacoma’s market is similarly vibrant. Property development is happening everywhere. Investors are finding great deals, buying land, constructing on infills, and discovering prime building sites. Affordable housing is increasing, thanks to generous government incentives. From joint ventures to single investors, the South Sound continues to expand. Booming growth in Tacoma and Pierce County continues as investors look beyond King County. Transit, affordability, jobs, and livable communities fuel regional demand.

Kidder Mathews tells us that the Puget Sound’s economic indicators are among the strongest in the nation. Our region continues to be a solid rental market.

“…we expect pricing to stabilize and remain strong as investors continue to seek a seat at the table in this market.” –Kidder Mathews, Apartment Market Dynamics report

Contact us today

Are you looking for an investment partner with expertise and strong values? Contact Safe Harbor Property Development to set up a consultation. Let’s get started on your property investment journey. Let’s make a plan for how our team can help you identify, find, invest, and build. Find satisfaction in a completed, vibrant housing project. One that will be a win-win as an investor, as a home for residents, and as a resource in the local community. Build something lasting. Get started today.

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Recent Safe Harbor Property Development projects:

  • 11-unit apartment building in South Tacoma. Uses innovative design. Upscale finishes. The building was completed in December 2019 and is fully rented.
  • 20-unit apartment complex in the revitalized historic McKinley neighborhood in Tacoma. Completed in 2021. Close to shopping, pubs, parks and schools. Modern design with luxury details, while retaining affordability.
  • 20-unit apartment building in South Tacoma near the Tacoma Mall. Currently under construction. Each unit has contemporary finishes and stainless-steel appliances. Near transit, shopping, and restaurants. Additionally, some units are affordable with lower rents for those who qualify.
  • 11-unit complex on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma. Modern touches and affordable units in one of the Northwest’s most vibrant urban cores. Nearby art galleries, the University of Washington, running trails, retail, fine dining, and museums.