Auburn is a Burgeoning City


Auburn Noticed by Investors

Located just south of Seattle and North of Tacoma, Auburn Washington, is quickly becoming one of the burgeoning cities of the South Sound of Washington.
Real Estate investors are noticing Auburn and are quickly buying up apartment buildings and single-family homes to turn into rental properties. For those people who need assistance with Tennant Screening, Rental Collection, Property Management, Property Maintenance and general advice regarding Real Estate investment, Safe Harbor Property Management is quickly becoming the provider of choice.


Desirable Bedroom Community

Auburn, WA, has a population of 80.1k people with a median age of 35.5 and a median household income of $72,822, and its median household income recently grew from $68,947 to $72,822.
It has quickly grown into a desirable bedroom community for both Seattle and Tacoma. Currently, 41% of the city lives in a rental dwelling. The city boasts many beautiful hikes, golf courses, wineries and retail establishments.
Bike lovers, dog lovers and runners all love the parks in Auburn. Plus, the light rail system is world-class. This combination of proximity to both Tacoma and Seattle, as well as outdoor opportunities, are the main reasons rental property investors are drawn to this fast-growing city. Safe Harbor maintains a cadre of properties ranging from Apartment Buildings as well as single-family rentals in the area.