A List of Owner Services

property management owner services for property owners

Owner Services

We do so much for our owner clients. Owner services are included from the time they obtain a property, to marketing it to potential renters and finishing up lease paperwork. The collection of rent, keeping up the property and providing sound financial statements is all part of what we love to do for our owner clients. Here is a list of more:

  1. Comprehensive market analysis
  2. Aggressive marketing solutions
  3. Lease-up Services
  4. Resident selection services
  5. Legal and comprehensive resident application
  6. Resident interviews that comply with all state and federal laws
  7. Thorough background, credit, prior eviction checks, plus personal contact to references
  8. Confirmation and monitoring of resident’s required renter’s insurance
  9. Move–in and move–out service
  10. Property condition checklists walk-through
  11. Coordinating vendor bids on all need to do projects
  12. Ready the property between residents
  13. Bi-yearly property condition & maintenance inspections
  14. Vetting contractors and vendors
  15. Rent collection & disbursement
  16. Timely collection of rents
  17. Proper service of Landlord/Resident specific notices (3day, 2day, 10day etc.)
  18. Attorney guided eviction processing

Have a question about how we serve owners? Contact us today to talk about what you would like to see on the list.