Why Family Owned Property is Your Advantage

Family-Owned Property Management Has Its Advantages

When you’re looking for a company to manage your single-family home rental or multiplex, there are several options. One is to work with a large corporation that manages thousands of rental units and large apartment complexes. However, another option is to find a trusted local company with ties to the community.

Safe Harbor is based in Lakewood and serves the Pierce County, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, and South King County areas. We are not bound to directives from a Seattle CEO. Instead, by having roots in this area, smaller firms like us offer better services. We give you faster response times and friendly, knowledgeable customer care. Want to learn more? Read on!

Save on Property Management Fees

Firstly, the giant corporations and franchises that offer property management often cost more because of fees and overhead. Local, family-owned companies understand the constraints of the local economy. We work with local vendors. We know you and your property. Family-owned property management offers affordable services to find great tenants, responds quickly to tenant needs, and reduces vacancy rates. There are no long-distance delays. Your property never becomes invisible, lost among thousands of other faceless corporate clients.

Local Owners Earn Trust and Reputation

Secondly, property management teams that are run locally work harder, perform better and pay closer attention to detail. For small businesses with roots in the community, reputation matters. A large property management firm run out of Bellevue doesn’t have to worry about a bad review. One disappointed customer hardly even registers. There’s always another new client to fill that spot on the balance sheet. The Safe Harbor team lives and works here, therefore we have a standard of excellence that’s been built over years. Each client, and each property matters to us. We are guided by this principle: strong accountability and zero excuses.

In addition, we give back. For example, Safe Harbor founder Marie Pettie is the Secretary of Farmer Frog. In addition, she’s also on the Advisory Board of the Tacoma Housing Authority. Local property management teams invest in the community. We earn the trust of our clients…one person, one property at a time.

Relationships Matter

Thirdly, there may be situations when a large, out-of-area, or out-of-state corporation is a better fit. But for most owners investing in homes, multiplexes, or property, Safe Harbor offers a level of detail and personal service that surpasses expectations. Longevity is a plus. There isn’t a constant churn of new staff, as can happen with non-local corporate staff. Instead, you get real people. Personal service. A team who knows you knows this community and knows your property. Safe Harbor’s passion is helping you have a stress-free, enjoyable, successful investment experience. You don’t get automated responses and red tape. Our expert staff works together as a team to achieve your goals. This makes all the difference.

Finally, we know the business! Specifically, Safe Harbor has a long history of local property management. “The “safe harbor” concept is the foundation of everything we do.

  • We will always seek the best outcome for all of us.
  • Give residents the best experience possible.
  • Take care of properties and help you find and obtain additional investment opportunities.
  • We’ve built long-standing relationships with amazing vendors.
  • We’re proud to be family-owned, local, and committed to this community.

See why Safe Harbor is recommended highly by our property owners.

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