Destination Real Estate: The Evolving Tacoma Area

Evolving Tacoma Area

Tacoma, Washington has not always been famous for its waterfront. High crime, poverty, and a struggling economy have touched this city and yet we have seen it return to greatness many times. Recently is one of those times. Let us explain more about the changes we see in this evolving Tacoma area recently in this beautiful, diverse city.

The once-feared Sheridan District in Tacoma has transformed.  Sheridan is now the home of happy people groups of all kinds. Singles, kids, parents, and pets all enjoy beautiful refurbished homes and strolls or a bike ride to nearby parks and restaurants. The nearby Wright’s Park is a beautiful place to enjoy nature. Not to mention the beautiful Ruston Way waterfront that has been completely overhauled.  With new shopping experiences, a movie theatre, brand new condominium homes and senior living destinations. It seems like a dream to see how this area has become a bright star in the Puget Sound real estate market.

More About Ruston Way

If you enjoy coffee shops, check out Jewel Box, and if you must have ice cream, then #IceCreamSocial is sure to please. A large map of the area is the entrance to a long walk along the waterfront. Here you will find skaters, walkers, runners and bicyclists enjoying the scenery and wide-open space.  The activity is a must-see – you can even enjoy a bicycle made for two, or four.

Some restaurants have closed, but many of the historic spots are open, like The Cliff House and #TheRam. There are still many food selections, including seafood. Restaurants have views of the water and you may even catch an otter or whale if you look closely. There are many new places to enjoy – delicious fish and chips, sushi and desserts all await the local tourist.

Shopping, Of Course

If you like to shop, then, you won’t be disappointed by the selection of boutiques and gift shops. Then, finish the day with a picnic at one of the newly renovated waterfront park areas. Marine Park is still a great place to walk and Johnny’s Sea Food is still the best place to buy fresh crab. What do you enjoy most about Tacoma? Share with us in the comments.

Lastly, if you have your eye to move to Tacoma, we want to show you around. We have served Pierce County and the Tacoma area for many years and can’t wait to help you find just the right place to settle.

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