Moving Out? This will help.

moveout procedures



• Defrost and clean refrigerator inside and outside; leave power off with door open.
• Spray and clean oven, oven racks, stove drip pans, knobs, hood and fan.
• Clean all cabinets inside and outside; wipe out all food spillage.
• Unload and clean dishwasher, inside and outside; clean around seal.
• Clean light fixtures, electrical wall plates, and replace light bulbs.
• Clean and wax floor; clean floor molding.
• Wipe all walls and ceilings removing any grease, stains, or scum.


• Clean bathtubs and showers .sinks, faucets, fans, medicine cabinets, mirrors, counters, drawers,
woodwork, toilets, light fixtures, electrical wall plates, and replace bulbs.
• Clean and wax floors; clean floor moldings.
• Wipe all walls and ceilings removing any mildew or scum.
• Clean all closets, doors, door tracks, light fixtures & shelves, and replace bulbs.


• Remove nails, etc, from walls; fill with spackle and wipe clean with damp rag.
• Clean all windows and screens; replace damaged screens and windows.
• Professionally clean all carpets, drapes and curtains.
• Clean and wax all remaining wood and vinyl floors; wash tile floors.
• Where applicable, clean and sweep out fireplace or wood stove, hearth and mantle.
• Clean all remaining light fixtures, electrical wall plates; replace all burned-out bulbs.
• Clean all molding, shelving, and wood paneling, if any.
• Dust and vacuum wall heaters; check for and clean any cobwebs (floor to ceiling).
• Units with smoking, wash all walls and ceilings with clean soap, rinse thoroughly.
• Pick up, sweep and clean all balconies, patios, walks and driveways.
• Thoroughly clean out all garage, parking and storage areas.
• Pick up and dispose of all miscellaneous waste, debris, garbage, cigarette butts, etc.
• Where applicable, mow, weed, and restore yard to its original condition.


• Necessary cleaning and yard work will be charged at at hourly rate. Contact our staff for details.
• Drapes and carpets must not show water markings, stains, tears, burn holes, pet, damage, or other
neglect, not previously documented on the check list.
• New chips and scratches in enameled appliances, sinks, counters and woodwork will be assessed
charges for damages.
• Do not paint or make repairs to sheet rock without approval of landlord or manager.