Seattle’s Housing Market Moves South

It’s no surprise or mystery that the housing market in the Pacific Northwest has shifted. Most notably Seattle is moving in with Tacoma, Lakewood and Lacey. The change is obvious. The reasons why are curious. Seattle’s mega tech companies, #Amazon, #Microsoft, #Adobe and soon #Expedia have driven housing costs up in the Seattle and surrounding areas. Small fixer upper bungalows are going for over $600K. A 1958 rambler is close to a million. The mega tech companies have moved thousands of tech talent into the area and there is simply not enough housing inventory to meet the demand.

Seattle’s homelessness crisis. A controversial but very real state of affairs, the rate of homelessness in Seattle has created a mixed atmosphere or the uber rich and smart and the very poor, addicted and homeless population. Though the local government has done what it knows to do to shift the crisis, it remains and is a real cost to the city in both dollars and city curb appeal. KOMO released a bold short film about the crisis entitled “Seattle is Dying”. A compelling, direct and depressing depiction of the reality of addiction, people in need and the real public health issues that come with the crisis Seattle is enduring. Many want a change from all that controversy and need, and move South to Tacoma, Lakewood and the surrounding areas. (which are by the way no stranger to the perils of homelessness either)

And finally, not to state the obvious, but the South Puget Sound and surrounding lakes, mountains and ocean shores are beautiful. Seattle’s weather is moderate, if you can hold up in the dark winters and abundance of rain. But the lush green and highly varied landscape that the rains produce is stunning and a huge attraction to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. A nice paying job in Seattle can also afford you a hike an hour away from your work – so the availability of outdoor activities is appealing. Especially to techies who long for a break from the hum of their laptops and phones. However, you can live South of Seattle, skip some of the traffic and be close to Mt. Rainier, Tacoma’s constantly improving waterfront and the many lakes in Lakewood and the surrounding areas.

The internet has advertised all the beautiful places in the world to visit, and the Seattle area is one of them. People have discovered Seattle and after visiting here many move here. Depending on what you can afford, Seattle is a moving destination for many across the world. The overcrowding has driven many literally south to Tacoma, Lakewood,, Lacey and Olympia.

Housing in the Tacoma, Lakewood, Fircrest and down to Lacey and Olympia is easily a third or more less expensive than Seattle and it’s surrounding cities of Bellevue, Medina, Redmond and Enumclaw. Raising a family is easier with more affordable housing and the beautiful parks and growing list of family friendly attractions puts the South Puget Sound in a target area for moving families.

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