Safe Harbor’s Homeowner Services


We all know what it’s like to be in a strange city and not know where to eat. So what do we do? We walk and look at the menus posted in the window.

Below is an overview of the Safe Harbor’s Homeowner services we offer our clients.

Comprehensive market analysis

Safe Harbor has its finger on the pulse of our Real Estate community! We know where people are moving to and what they expect to pay. This means you won’t ever feel out-of-step with what your potential tenants are expecting. Additionally, this means you can hold out for the highest dollar possible if your property is truly unique.

Aggressive marketing solutions

Part of our decades of success comes from our clients’ brief time having ‘For Rent’ signs up on their properties. We know how to reach potential residents effectively and economically through our homeowner services that we provide.

Lease-up Services

If you are building or renovating a property, let us help with the ‘Lease-up Services’ before you are ready to hand over keys. We have decades of experience getting leases signed while construction is still underway.

Tenant selection services

Part of the ‘Safe’ in our name is helping our clients select qualified residents. This is a thorough process for us and entails many of the steps listed below.

  1. Legal and comprehensive resident application
  2. Resident interviews that comply with all state and federal laws
  3. Thorough background, credit, prior eviction checks, plus personal contact to references
  4. Confirmation and monitoring of resident’s required renter’s insurance

Move-in and move–out services

There is a critical few days from the time one tenant moves out and the next one moves in. These days are where Safe Harbor really shines! Decades of homeowner services experience will ensure this process is thorough and no steps get missed.

  1. Property condition checklists walk-through
  2. Coordinating vendor bids on all need to do projects
  3. Ready the property between residents

Bi-yearly property condition & maintenance inspections

Making sure you fix things before they become major repairs is one of the best practices to maximize your profits in the Real Estate world. However, we have tested-and-true maintenance lists that will ensure little things don’t grow into expensive problems.

Vetting contractors and vendors

Finding the right partners can make all the difference! Let Safe Harbor vet the vendors and contractors you partner with to help protect you from unscrupulous ones.

Rent collection & disbursement

Lastly, we manage rent collection and disbursement. At Safe Harbor, your bottom line is our bottom line. We help our clients with the following elements of the rent collection process. This includes making sure that if eviction is inevitable, the process is handled legally and with dignity.

  1. Timely collection of rents
  2. Proper service of Landlord/Resident specific notices (3day, 2day, 10day, etc.)  
  3. Attorney guided eviction processing

Finally! That is our menu of homeowner services! See something you would like help with? Please contact us.

How to work with us

We’d love to talk further about your situation! Give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form. We are available for Zoom appointments as well.