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As summer comes to a close, the days grow shorter. Kids head back to school. A light sweater might be needed to take away the evening chill. Gardeners pick the last of the zucchini and tomatoes. And both sunrises and sunsets feel a bit rosier. Fall is the perfect time to look back and revisit memories. In this spirit, here are four popular blog posts from Safe Harbor News from 2021. Enjoy these “greatest hits” on the subject of property management as we head into the cozy pumpkin spice season.

Safe Harbor’s Homeowner Services

Are you spending too much time managing your rental properties? Real estate investments are a smart idea. But wouldn’t it be great to have someone else deal with the headaches? From comprehensive market analysis for rental properties to tenant selection services to move in and move–out services, read more about the ways that Safe Harbor’s property management staff can make owning real estate stress-free. Our tested-and-true maintenance plans ensure that little repairs don’t grow into expensive problems. At Safe Harbor, your bottom line is our bottom line. We help our clients with the hard stuff. Click to read more about our full menu of services.

Safe Harbor Rents Homeowner Services

Getting Started: Real Estate Investing 101

In a hot real estate market filled with opportunity, many are wondering what it takes to own rental properties. Or ask if this is the right time to invest in real estate. Here in Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup and Pierce County, prices are becoming more competitive. It’s a great time for a first-time home buyer or investor.

There are so many positives in real estate investing, including regular income and tax breaks. But before you buy property, learn what challenges can create difficulties. Also, see how a local, family-owned property management company can ease the burden. We manage difficult residents, complete repairs and protect your property. Before you buy, have a plan to reduce vacancies and other downsides. Loss of income and legal quagmires can affect your bottom line.

Ready to go? We love helping people just entering the world of investment property. Find out more about the benefits and pitfalls of managing your rentals. And if you’re looking for a partner to maximize your investment, Safe Harbor Property Management is here with years of expertise. Read more about entering the exciting world of real estate investing.

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

10 Ways to Prevent Water Damage on Rental Properties

Let’s be real. We live in the Pacific Northwest. There’s water everywhere. The Puget Sound, lakes, rivers. And rain. Constant rain.

How can you protect your rental units and investment property from potential water damage? Certainly, even small amounts of water can result in large repair bills. Prevention is the best strategy. So that means even a little advance planning, like checking washing machine hoses and replacing them every five years, can protect your property. Have you ever reached down under the sink and felt the lines for moisture? Or put a yearly gutter cleaning plan in place? There are so many simple ways to stop water damage before it begins.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), about 1 in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year. Read this simple blog post and learn about some easy ways to plan ahead.

One property management service that Safe Harbor Property Management offers is regular maintenance and upkeep of your properties. If climbing a ladder to clean gutters or finding a plumber is not your idea of a great day, consider having one of the area’s most respected property management companies take care of preventative maintenance for you. And meanwhile, follow these quick tips to prepare for the coming precipitation. As they say, “Winter is coming.”

Water Damage

A Farmer Frog Partnership Update

One great thing about using local services is that companies like Safe Harbor Property Management give back to the community. We are more than just a rental management company. Our founder, Marie Pettie, speaks at local events and serves in the non-profit sector. One of our favorite local charities is Farmer Frog, a food garden that began at a school. Farmer Frog has grown to support over a dozen school gardens across Washington State. In urban and rural communities, they build gardens and invest in programs, school gardens, and hands-on learning for healthier communities.

Recently, Marie had the pleasure of speaking with Zsofia Pasztor, Co-Director of Farmer Frog. In this fun video interview, learn about the many households that this great organization is feeding, fresh off the farm. Safe Harbor Property Management has the expertise to manage your rental properties. But we’re more than just rental experts. We also give back to the community. And we invest back in the organizations that make our neighborhoods better. In conclusion, learn more about Farmer Frog and the great work they do, from feeding families to cultivating beautiful gardens all over the Pacific Northwest.

A Farmer Frog Partnership Update

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this series of past blog posts! As you’re thinking ahead for the rest of the year, we’d love to chat with you about how Safe Harbor Property Management can partner with you to free up time. Learn more about how to make property management less stressful. Safe Harbor is just a phone call away. We’d love to help!