Nick Daud – Bio

Nick Daud- Leasing Broker

Nick Daud is new to Safe Harbor Property Management, but not the world of real estate. As a broker and leasing consultant, Nick is a crucial part of our team.

Nick is an accomplished business man offering 12 years of professional experience. The last 7 years Nick focused on real estate investment, fixer upper properties, and single family residential projects. Nick’s focus is delivering strong financial results, cost saving strategies, process streamlining, resource management, and excellent customer service. Nick has provided management services to a variety of different clients while working at Charles Schwab. His clients ranged from start-ups to fortune 500 companies. Nick is known for being a change agent, problem solver, effective communicator, passionate advocate for affordable living, relationship builder and team player. Unbelievably, Nick speaks 8 different languages due to his family living situation and living in different countries growing up.

After obtaining my B.A in Business administration, Nick was recruited to work for one of the top Investment banker companies in the world, Charles Schwab (SCHW). While working for Charles Schwab Nick started buying real estate investment properties and quickly realized He had found his dream job. Working in property management and helping people to get into a house through renting, buying and selling, was what he loved to do. He started by learning every role in a Property Management office through T.B. REIT(Real estate investment trust)
Nick is now a licensed Broker in Washington state who has managed many rental properties, including single family residential, apartments, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. Call the office to set up a time to meet with Nick to discuss your next home.