Meet our Miracle Worker

Get to Know Celeste, Our Miracle Worker! 


Celeste E. has been a part of the Safe Harbor for a while;

Get to know her! When you call into Safe Harbor as a renter, investor, or potential renter or investor, you’ll hear the smiling voice of Celeste E.

Celeste has been in the Real Estate Management industry for most of her career. She has been with Safe Harbor off and on since the early 2000s, but even when she worked for other companies, she was willing to jump into helping Safe Harbor if they were in a jam.

While you may first talk with Celeste on the phone, her title of Leasing Agent is also partnered with the title ‘Miracle Worker.’ After an initial call, Celeste may be the person who shows you around the properties you may rent. Or, if you are a property owner, Celeste will be involved in getting your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Throughout your time with Safe Harbor, Celeste may be involved in helping you pick an apartment or home, sign your lease, arrange for repairs and then, in the end, do the walkthrough at your final inspection.

When asked what her favorite parts of the job are, she will point to helping people find the right property for their family or business. “I have received my fair share of hugs from people after making this tough decision easier.”

Job Challenges


As for the challenges of her job, she will point to keeping up with new County and State regulations. “Fortunately, Safe Harbor is always a step ahead when it comes to new regulations. We rarely have to make any drastic changes, but we do work closely with our attorneys to make sure that we are never caught off guard, and our owners will not be caught off guard. Plus, my job frequently means circulating new information to keep both our renters and owners informed. We are always on the right side of compliance, and that means keeping up with all discussions.”

Posting notices is another part of the job that Celeste does not like but knows that is part of the burden that comes along with making Safe Harbor’s Owner client’s life easier. “Our owners pay us to make expectations known and enforced. Safe Harbor creates a safe place for our renters and owners!

In her off-hours, both Celeste and her husband volunteer almost 70 hours a month! “Our family has valued giving back to the community, and my husband and I are thrilled to help.”

If you haven’t called Safe Harbor to inquire about renting or about retaining Safe Harbor to help manage your properties, you can look forward to talking to Celeste on the other side of the phone.

Call us today; we’d love to see if we can help!