Landlord Assistance Available

Landlord Assistance available 

Safe Harbor Property Management is reposting this information for the benefit of our owner clients. If you have questions about how landlord assistance is available, please call the Limited Landlord Relief Program directly. 

Limited Landlord Relief Program

The Washington State Limited Landlord Relief Program offers owners of four or fewer rental units/properties that make less than the Median Family Income the ability to recuperate up to 80% of the unpaid rental payments where tenants are non-communicative or unqualified for the Eviction Rental Assistance Program where the unpaid rents were the result of a Statewide Emergency as declared by the Governor of Washington. This program is limited to pay no more than $2 million in claims.

Find out everything you need to know here: Limited Landlord Relief Program – Washington State Department of Commerce

This is a Washington State program, so if there are questions or concerns, contact Nicholas Yuva at 360-725-2949.

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