3 Things to Simplify the Eviction Process

Most landlords find property management is a satisfying investment. You get to work with great families on one of their most important needs: housing. 

There may come a time when a tenant situation doesn’t work out. You may need to take legal steps to sever the agreement. An eviction may be necessary to protect the property or the safety of other renters. How can you act wisely, keep the process simple and reduce the stress of evictions?

Having Safe Harbor Property Management partnering with you to manage property means you have an expert team. We help keep this difficult process as dignified and safe as possible. For those who may face this situation, here are three things to consider when facing the need to evict a tenant.

Documentation is vital to the eviction process

You must prove the legal basis for the eviction. Keep records of lease agreement violations. Photos, records of phone calls, proof of property damage, records of phone calls to police, bank statements showing their lack of payment and more will be your evidence. No matter how much you like your renters, follow good business practices. Retain paperwork and proof of failure to pay rent, late payments, subletting issues, and/or violation of noise ordinances. Document everything! From the first contract they sign to the problems that lead to the eviction, your documentation protects you. Eviction is a legal process that requires evidence. Save those receipts. No matter how small, evidence is necessary for a smooth process.

Be prepared to carefully file notices and legal documents in a timely manner

There’s the written “14 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate” that informs tenants of the intended eviction, and the reasons for eviction. There is the Unlawful Detainer which is filed in the local Superior Court. There is service of summons and complaints. As property managers, we handle these complex, time-consuming legal steps for our clients. Be sure to follow correct timelines and procedures. Skipping any steps can reset the clock on your eviction process. The courts don’t have sympathy for landlords who break laws, miss legal notices, or provide incomplete paperwork.

Get ready for the hearing

Some evictions are settled quickly. However, if the tenant refuses to comply and asks for a hearing, you will need to go to court. Your paperwork and evidence are essential proof in front of a judge. Gather up documents: the lease arrangement, photographs of the damage, police reports, notices provided, proof of service of the notice, etc. If working with a property management company, we will have these documents in one file for you. If you’re on your own, consider hiring an attorney. You may be better off hiring a lawyer if the eviction is complex. For example, if the tenant is in bankruptcy proceedings, if the tenant has their own lawyer, or if this is your first eviction and you aren’t familiar with the process yet.

Keep these three tips in mind

Be sure to consult someone with professional expertise. Landlords don’t invest in property with the expectation that difficult situations will eat up time and profits. But realistically, the need for eviction can happen to any property owner. Safe Harbor Property Management does more than just find qualified renters, collect rent, and handle property maintenance. We resolve matters with delinquent tenants quickly and peacefully. For decades, we’ve helped landlords protect their investments. When there’s a tough call to be made, we’ll walk through this process professionally. And we make sure it’s as dignified and safe as possible. 

Are you ready to let go of the hassles of property ownership? Let’s talk together about how we can save you time. Give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form. We are available for Zoom appointments as well.