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Tacoma Gains New Housing

An Interview with Marie Pettie SeattleMet magazine and website came out with some eye-bulging statistics today. Auburn’s median home sale in April was over $600,000. Benson Hill in Renton’s median home sale in April was $725,000. Lakewood’s median home sales in April were $550,000. Tacoma’s median home sales were $507,000. It’s time for some good …

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Market Update

Market Update

January to February Market Update Part of my job here at Safe Harbor Property Management is to keep abreast of all the latest Real Estate news and today I’d like to provide a market update. I know you are busy and can’t read an article that comes out, so my team and I make a …

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Rhody Garden Federal Way

Is Federal Way a Nice Place to Live?

Federal Way Many people are often considering where would be a nice place to live at some point in their lives. Perhaps they live in a busy city and seek a quieter, more friendly place to live in. Or maybe, it’s someone in the city renting an apartment and is seeking to buy a first …

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Marie Pettie

2021: A Year in Review

There are many perspectives on 2021, some not so positive. But you haven’t asked Marie Pettie her opinion yet. Read on to hear Marie’s “A Year in Review”. Challenges of 2021 When you talk with Marie Pettie, you realize that she is an eternal optimist who is always ready to take on the next challenge. …

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Our Lakewood Focus

Lakewood, WA Lakewood, Washington is a hidden gem of a town in Pierce County. Complete with major lakes, water view homes, coffee shops, a shopping mall, and even a theatre – this town has a lot to offer to singles, kids and parents alike. The historic LeMay Cars are here, and every service business imaginable! …

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Pierce County - Tacoma Area

Destination Real Estate: The Evolving Tacoma Area

Evolving Tacoma Area Tacoma, Washington has not always been famous for its waterfront. High crime, poverty, and a struggling economy have touched this city and yet we have seen it return to greatness many times. Recently is one of those times. Let us explain more about the changes we see in this evolving Tacoma area …

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